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Findom with webcam mistress EvelynDergan

Findom with webcam mistress EvelynDergan

Do you think you have the balls to tame the mean bitch in me? How about a live video chat in my private chat room with you playing my obedient submissive and me torturing and humiliating you the entire time! My friends call me Evelyndergan, but you can always address me as Miss, Mistress, or Goddess because I will be your dominant from now on. I’m a 28-year-old brunette, a chain smoker that gets off the kick of a good cigar. I’m bisexual, which gives me jurisdiction over your whore as well. I know you hope to fuck me well by the end of our session, but you know what, punk; that is the ultimate price awarded based on good behavior. Be in my good books, and I might consider letting you feast on my pussy, underline MIGHT punko!

That said and done, you belong under my feet! That’s the right place to worship them, as your life depends on them. My hot naked body needs attention, too. You know what to do! Screw your societal position; this is my bloody queendom, and I make the rules! If I haven’t clarified myself, you are my sex slave -a worthless submissive who will carry out my extreme orders like a good boy. 

I help you live some of your favorite BDSM fantasies

Welcome to my live fetish cams, where I’m the fetish model in charge, a tyrannical whore that solves everything with a whip and other crude tools. This is a dictatorship, and you are not permitted to lament! I take pleasure in making you feel miserable and defeated. You don’t deserve to wear a smile in my private room. I should be experiencing pleasure, and your smile just pissed me off! I decide on the appropriate punishment for your infractions. When I switch to punish mode, you should be on your knees, begging that I not open your stupid skull. 

Webcam fetish live sex shows

They feature every extreme kink in the BDSM umbrella and every other rough thing that crosses my filthy mind. You need a thick skin to tolerate the proceedings of my live sex shows. I’m a greedy femdom that enjoys humiliating you and making a rude raid into your wallet while at it. I’m unsure if I have a smoke fetish or just a nicotine addiction, but you’ll occasionally find me puffing one for the road. I’ll sissify your masculine ass, turn you into a submissive whore that wears makeup and cross-dresses like a bitch. This is no place for crybabies. Fuck off if you can’t handle extreme torture like I’m trying to extract classified military Intel from you! 

What turns me on?

Pain gets me going every day! I also enjoy humiliating others. If you smoke, you can lick my pussy any time. Financial domination is my addiction, sissification, and foot worshipping too. 

What turns me off?

Disobedience and arrogance disgust me. A submissive should always take commands without questioning the master. Anything besides that is always met with corporal punishment in my dungeon, so play your cards, right? 

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Headfucking money mistress Maitressebelle does cam-to-cam financial fetish webcam sessions. Among other perverted fuck fantasies, she’s looking for paypigs to fuck right in the wallet. She’ll take 5 minutes to laugh while you jerk off your tiny dick in private chat sessions. That chat’s going to be expensive. And there are tons more she’s going to do for you, and by for you, I mean for her. She’ll take your money, laugh, and tell you to send her more. Financial domination is her favorite fetish to practice in cam to cam, and like any rightful money mistress, she’s always looking to take on more money slaves. Be ready for this hot cash mistress. She’s looking for long-term pay pigs to financially fuck continually, and she’ll constantly up the ante. She’s a real professional financial dominatrix, not an insta-domme looking for a quick cash out. She prefers bleeding you dry over a matter of months, or even years. You’ll get your power-sucking fix with her regularly, and she’ll keep in constant contact until even the lack of a day have you begging her to spend your money.

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I help you live some of your favorite BDSM fantasies - Financial fetish model drains the wallets of pay pigs - Money mistress drains your wallet!

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